I ideate and sketch as quickly as possible in the early stages. This enables almost instant feedback if stakeholders are in the room or available via a messaging app. It saves a lot of time at the start.

After communicating with stakeholders, I will go back to make some adjustments with notes. Then I proceed to build a digital version with a more focused direction.

Typical framework for supporting strategy:

What - Define the project, understand the nature of the app, industry, and other relevant information.

Why - Identify the purpose of the app. What objectives do we have for users & stakeholders?

How - Start with brainstorming and rough sketching. Get early feedback on sketches. This can include user research methods, such as card sorting, interviews, and observation. Continue to refine and test. Build clickable prototypes.

Much of the "How" depends on circumstances. At times, a few rough sketches are sufficient to get the ball rolling. Other, more intensive applications require more in-depth approaches.

Example Wireframe: Market Touch

I had constructed for an app concept called Market Touch. It was designed to help users explore local vendors & outdoor markets.

Concept & Purpose of Market Touch

This platform was introduced to revitalize traditional markets through technology.

It is designed to:​

  • Help shoppers find & review items in traditional, local markets

  • Help vendors understand shoppers better through data


The app supports three types of users:

  1. Shoppers seeking efficiency

    • The List function is designed to help them to find their shopping items in the most efficient way possible, enabling them to return to their priorities for the day.

  2. Leisure Timers

    • The Explore function provides dynamic paths for them to take. Each path guides them through complimentary vendors in a themed tour. Incentives are provided for completing a path. These may take the form of a coupon or a social badge.

  3. Vendors

    • Vendors can manage their digital image by providing menus, photos, and purchasing advertisements to be displayed within the app.

    • They may also review shopper patterns for improved business decisions. ​

This wireframe example will cover goals relating to shoppers and leisure timers.

Goal 1 - Sign up
Goal 2 - Explore a Path
Goal 3 - Open a List & Purchase
Clickable Prototype
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