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Can We Preserve Taiwan's Market Culture?

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Transforming Street Markets for Modern Times
Through Clothing Design

Improving Quality of Life for Seniors

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Professional Research

Shanghai Research - Adam Book
Paris Research - Adam Book
Multi Market Research - Adam Book

Research Methodologies Employed

Competitive Audit

Focus Groups

User Questionnaires

Online Surveys with Skip Logic

A/B Testing

Exploratory Field Research

User Interviews

Visual Merchandising Review

Morphological Analysis

Cultural Probes

Usability Testing

Pearson Correlation Coefficient

Web Design & Branding


Product Sketches

A/C Remote
Graphite Sketch of physical object
Tissue Box Concept
Simplicity and utility were motivations for this design.

Using one piece of acrylic as the structure promotes clean form and optimizes production efficiency.
Ski Boot
Inking pen sketch of physical object
Corded Drill
Inking pen sketch of physical object
Bench Ideation
Graphite sketch of attachment concepts - prismatic vs. cylindrical
Hockey Skate
Inking pen sketch of physical object
Communal Public Ash Tray
I was requested to draft concepts for an organic, simple ash tray that could be weather resistant, easy to maintain, and communal in function.

Graphite sketch
Tissue Box Concept
This box was designed to address the problem of tissues falling within a container.

As tissues are removed from the top, the cover weight and internal supports offer upward pressure to ensure tissues are always near the opening.

Inking pen and Copic marker
Salt Shaker Draft
This layout reveals the dimensions of a salt shaker in organic form. It was designed to emphasize simplicity, harmony, and ergonomics.
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Modeled Product


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